Thank you for your interest in the services offered by the Sport Academy Zurich. You must meet a number of requirements to be admitted to our school. It is best to register for one of our information evenings, where you will learn everything first-hand and have the opportunity to ask all your questions. You can also find all the information about admission and application procedures below.
Information evening

The team of the Sport Academy Zurich welcomes you at Heinrichstrasse 267m (2nd floor).

Next information evenings:

May 9th 2023 (19:00)

June 28th 2023 (19:00)



Eligibility criteria

Athletes and dancers must meet the following criteria to be admitted to the Sport Academy Zurich (SAZ):

Sporting requierements

School requirements

Health requirements


We need the following application documents to check for admission:

Making contact for the first time

Please fill out the online contact form or send it to us completely filled out by post or email.

Early registration, by the end of April, is recommended as the classes are allocated in May and it may no longer be possible to offer all training models. However, applications for the 2020/21 school year are still possible, even at short notice. We do our utmost to ensure that we can offer the most suitable timetable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone.

Education costs

We offer different models and prices depending on the sport and available training possibilities. Choose one of the three buttons below and find the perfect model. The self-organised category includes our dancers and individual athletes, for example. The athletics offer is optional and available for all talented athletes.

Basis costs

The 4-year school-based vocational education without sports training organised by the Sport Academy costs CHF 1120.00 per month on average. This amounts to a total of CHF 58500.00 for all the years of training.

1st education year

Costs per semester CHF 8’400.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1’400.00

2nd education year

Costs per semester CHF 8’400.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1’400.00

3st education year

Costs per semester CHF 7’500.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1250.00

4st education year

Costs per semester CHF 4’950.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 825.00

This option is only possible for competitive athletes and dancers who have a proven track record of structured and intensive training. The training sessions are organised independently of the SAZ. Dieses option is not available for footballers (except from Super League Clubs).

Education costs with athletic training

The four-year full-time training at the Sport Academy Zurich, including individual athletic training, costs around CHF 1720.00 per month on average.

1st education year

Costs per semester CHF 11’400.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1’900.00

2nd education year

Costs per semester CHF 11’400.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1’900.00

3st education year

Costs per semester CHF 10’500.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1’750.00

4st education year

Costs per semester CHF 7’950.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1’325.00

The training sessions with the professionals from Turicum Fit are in small groups of up to four athletes. It is also possible to attend only one athletic training session per week. The costs are then reduced to an average of CHF 1510.00.


Athletics training takes place on 39 school weeks per year (there is no training on public holidays).

Education costs with football training

The four-year full-time training at the Sport Academy Zurich, including professional football training, costs an average of just under CHF 1’770.00 per month.

1st education year

Costs per semester CHF 11’850.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1’975.00

2st education year

Costs per semester CHF 11’850.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1’975.00

3st education year

Costs per semester CHF 10’650.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1’775.00

4st education year

Costs per semester CHF 8’100.00

Monthly instalment of CHF 1’350.00

The school fees include the training equipment as well as its daily washing. The training weeks of the SAZ match those of the Youth section of FC Zurich (about 42 weeks).


Thanks to the cooperation with FC Zurich, FCZ players can attend SAZ football training sessions free of charge (see training costs without training).

Players from the FCZ partner club Red Star and other top clubs also enjoy attractive cost reductions:

As our contribution to the promotion of women’s football, the SAZ grants a reduction of CHF 1200.00 per year to up-and-coming young female footballers from all clubs during the first two years of the education.

It is possible to attend only the football training programme – but only for very talented footballers. Four training sessions per week are offered over 42 weeks (there is no training on Wednesday). The high-level training sessions can also be booked monthly or weekly. The maximum cost is CHF 9000.00 per season.


General Information

  • A 2% discount (rebate) is granted for advance payment of the fee for a whole year. The discount is 3% if the total education costs are paid in advance.

  • The costs for all learning materials (textbooks etc.) are not included in the school fees.
  • For learners in the M profile, additional basic school costs of CHF 200.00 / month arise in the first three years of training. The additional costs for projects and language certificates in the M profile (around CHF 4000.00) will be invoiced directly by the KV Zurich Business School.

Internship salary

From the third year of their education onwards, students receive an internship wage during their practical in-company training and can thus substantially co-finance the third and fourth year of their education. The monthly wage recommended to the internship companies is around CHF 1000.00 in the first year of the internship – and around CHF 1300.00 in the second year of the internship (whereby in the second year, the amount of the agreed percentage of work is also important).

The education costs for school-based and vocational education can be co-financed, if necessary, with the help of the following institutions or facilities:

Scholarship advice

The scholarship advice centres of all Swiss cantons are listed and linked below. There are some opportunities for obtaining financial support, depending on the community of residence











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