We work exclusively with top-quality partners and we’re proud of our long-term collaborations. KV Zurich Business School, Commercial Association, FC Zurich, TuricumFit, Medbase: all our partners vouch for very high quality and reliability. And our students benefit directly from this every day.

FC Zürich

FCZ has a long tradition and is also one of the most successful football clubs in Switzerland. It competes in the Super League, the highest division in Switzerland. FCZ’s Young Footballers Academy has an outstanding reputation and has already produced numerous championship titles and several internationally successful footballers. The morning training sessions at the Sport Academy are all conducted by professional coaches from the FCZ Academy, which ensures a high standard of quality.

KV Zürich

The KV Zurich Business School is the largest commercial vocational school in Switzerland. Over 4,000 students attend the school. The “KV Zurich” educates the regular KV students (three-year apprenticeship) to become management assistants. SAZ students are integrated into these regular classes, allowing them to be part of a normal environment and to make contact with students from all kinds of fields. The level of academic education is absolutely first class and the EFZ certificate is highly valued on the labour market.


Over more than 10 years of trainer experience, TuricumFit has developed the optimal training approach for a wide range of individual goals. Athletic parameters such as strength, speed, endurance, coordination and balance are developed both in terms of fundamentals and of the specific sports in order to achieve maximum performance. This professional training system enables the athletes to painstakingly optimise their performance for the long term.

Tanzwerk 101

In the summer of 2013, two well-known dance schools in the city became the largest and most diversified dance school, Tanzwerk101! Tanzwerk101 of the Migros Klubschule reflects the long tradition of both the Colombo Dance Factory and the Dance Academy. In an individually compiled programme, the young dancers can live out their passion while developing and deepening their skills.

Zurich Ballet and Contemporary Academy

The Zurich Ballet and Contemporary Academy has highly qualified dance teachers with international stage experience. It offers young dancers professional training in both classical and contemporary dance, with its preparatory and basic studies programme. The varied programme includes dance training as well as preparation for competitions, performances and examinations. We attach great importance to individual support, to enable the students to attain their peak performance and to optimally prepare them for the future.

Tanzcenter Hermanos López

The López siblings. Leonor and Marcos López teach flamenco, ballet and the entire spectrum of Danza Española with great passion, dedication and professionalism: Danza Estilizada, Danzas Regionales and Escuela Bolera. Since 2013, Hermanos López has been offering the Asociación de profesores de Danza Española (APDE) flamenco training which has been awarded the “Cátedra de Flamencología de Jerez de la Frontera”.


Medbase is our competent health partner and provides a comprehensive range of medical and therapeutic services. Our athletes enjoy privileged access to general practitioners, sports doctors, specialists, physiotherapists and other health professionals. Medbase has grown strongly due to its quality and now employs over 1,100 people. The Swiss Olympic Sport-Checks – the admission requirement for young sports talents to the SAZ – are carried out by medbase Zurich.

Sportschule Bubikon (Sek l)

School and sport shouldn’t compete with each other, because success in both is quite doable if the environment is designed accordingly. The Sportschule Bubikon was born out of this idea. Only a small minority of athletes make a breakthrough in sport which is why it is important to optimally coordinate sport and school. The aim is to offer young sportsmen and women the best possible environment for their training and at the same time to get the most out of their school opportunities.

Kaufmännischer Verband

With 46 000 members, the Kaufmännischer Verband is the largest Swiss professional organisation in the commercial and business management sector and in the retail trade. It defines itself as a competence centre for profession and education and, as a pioneer, sets standards for future-oriented educational, economic and social policy. Smart Economy is the keyword. This means an economy based, not on profit, but on people.

Schule für Förderkurse (SFK)

SFK Schule für Förderkurse is the only school in the Zurich area that offers a comprehensive range of tailor-made solutions to enhance success in vocational education. Around 3,000 participants attend SFK preparation, tutoring or continuing education courses during a school year, mainly in the commercial field. Young people who would like to attend the SAZ but still don’t quite meet all the necessary requirements at school or individually can acquire the necessary skills for the demanding KV education at the SAZ during a commercial preparation year.

Yen Han Dance Center

Das Yen Han Dance Center bietet ein breites Tanz-Angebot für Anfänger, Amateure und Profis. Es gibt spezielle Programme für Knaben, Mädchen und Erwachsene und auch die Möglichkeit zur Vorbereitung auf eine professionelle Balletkarriere. Neben Ballet wird auch Modern Dance unterrichtet und dabei die Fitness in den Vordergrund gelegt. Das hervorragende Lehrpersonal, die professionelle Organisation und die enge Zusammenarbeit mit der Balletkompanie Yen Han Ballet Productions zeigen die Überzeugung, dass Tanz und Bewegung Freude machen.