Sport Academy sets afternoons aside free for training

From summer 2020, we are now offering a new option to keep the whole afternoon free for sport or dance three times a week! Dancers, in particular, mostly attend their training sessions in the afternoon and can now combine their training more optimally with our high-quality KV education.


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NEW – we now also offer the compulsory additional school lessons in the morning (see Version 4). This means that practically all conceivable combinations of school days are possible, and your personal weekly schedule can be perfectly balanced between school and sports/dance.


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You can also keep the whole Friday or the whole Monday free – and even both days if the whole school curriculum is followed from Tuesday to Thursday (school closing time is always at 15:30). This gives those athletes who often have to travel far on weekends (e.g. winter athletes or golfers) the opportunity of having a 4-day weekend available for sports on a regular basis.


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