Sport Academy student transfers to Inter Milan

As of today, it’s definite: SAZ student and FCZ footballer Andi Hoti is switching to the Youth team of Inter Milan! We’re letting Andi go with mixed feelings. Of course, we congratulate him on his sporting success – but this means that he’ll have to give up his KV education at the Sport Academy. We’re really going to miss him, because Andi’s a great kid who’s always been friendly and helpful. He had no problems at school for the year and a half he was here, and he would have easily managed to graduate from the KV. We are happy that we could support him in his development and assist him on his way from the U15 Oberland to the U16 and U18 of FCZ. The optimal training conditions (even in the morning he was able to train twice a week), as well as the recovery time that was available to him, certainly played a decisive role. We wish you all the best for the future, Andi. Show the Italians what you can do!